• foam spray gun car wash

NCL(ASIA)LIMITED(nynscdh.cn) was one of Chinese Foam cannon car wash manufacture, It dedicated to the manufacture of Foam cannon car wash, car wash foam gun, foam spray gun car wash which were world-wide level, with more than 5 years experience in Car washing and car care sector. Up to now, already completed hundreds of Foam cannon car wash, car wash foam gun project successfully. It was the quality Foam cannon supplier of top  influential company. Except with various kinds of product  Foam cannon equipments and foam spray gun car wash equipments  to service the clients, NCL(ASIA)LIMITED also the leading factory in China Foam cannon car wash line. Warmly welcome any inquire and cooperation.


NCL(ASIA)LIMITED–Foam cannon department

106.cc官网彩票安卓版2, 000m2 workshop

106.cc官网彩票安卓版$20, 00, 000 facilities

106.cc官网彩票安卓版50+ workers

106.cc官网彩票安卓版3+ technical engineer

106.cc官网彩票安卓版3+ process engineer

5+ R&D center engineers

106.cc官网彩票安卓版3+ Patent rights

Professional managing team

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